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The A-B-C's of Shipping Containers As Liveable Spaces


Isaiah 58:12 Your perpetual ruins will be rebuilt, you will reestablish the ancient foundations.  ...will be called, 'The one who repairs broken walls, the one who makes the streets inhabitable again.'


Community Redevelopment, Single Family Homes, Duplexes, Apartment Buildings, Storefronts, Strip Malls, Churches, Community Centers, Training Facilities, Restaurants, Offices, Etc.

Utilizing Re-Purposed Shipping Containers

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Our Service

Urban Container Living, LLC is a company devoted to fulfilling customer's needs while being committed to 

community development and resident empowerment.

Who We Serve

As development consultants, UCL, LLC offers a variety of services to governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, developers and individuals.  Those A to Z services includes lot location and acquisition assistance to ribbon cutting ceremonies and every aspect in between.  

How We Serve

Via our network of partnering architects, builders and contractors we will design and create your dream home or one of our catalog homes.  Be it an efficiency style one bedroom home, a rancher, a 3 bedroom townhouse, a 4 bedroom bungalow, a duplex, a storefront, a restaurant, a church, a strip mall or a residential community with an in-law apartments and pool houses UCL, LLC can make the dream a reality with repurposed intermodal shipping containers. 

Why We Serve

We exist primarily to make entry-level first-time homeownership affordable. We do this by offering a product that generates 'INSTANT EQUITY'. By eliminating a substantial part of home construction costs, namely the structure itself we greatly reduce the final cost. In a community where for sale prices are in the $200K range, we work to create a home of comparable market value for a third of the cost, depending on the level of luxury or economy the buyer chooses. Either way, the buyer gains equity immediately not 10 years later.

The Outcome Of Our Service ~ The Goal

UCL, LLC  pledges to create training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities in the communities we work in for residents of those communities.  We want our customer base to include those people displaced by gentrification.  We see the 'working poor' as the middle class yet to reach the middle.  We see future home buyers as savvy, educated buyers who do not need space to define their level of prosperity.  We see an opportunity to serve humanity as stewards of space and community economics.  By affording a person an opportunity they, in turn, become vested in their own future and may be so inclined to create a business that does the same for their neighbor. 

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